The Lince Chair

The LINCE Chair is a safety item and compulsory mobility for businesses and public places, which receive wheelchair users and people with difficulties in movement between floors.

It just needs a helper and works autonomously, without electricity or special tools. With a quick and simple training, anyone is entitled to use.

Click here for access to videos and manuals with more guidance and usage information.




We have had a positive experience with regard to everything related to LINCE Chair. Its acquisition certainly has helped us a lot, in terms of improving our capacity to respond to emergencies, especially with regard to providing support to people whose mobility is reduced.
(Renan Magalhães - EHS Specialist)

“Inclusion is part of our DNA. Our team has many people in wheelchairs, and Lince Chair has helped us to ensure their safety in emergency situations, because it is convenient and fast.
(Ana Paula Ribeiro – Serasa Experian)



The LINCE is the most complete chair market with chest strap that allows you to attach the passenger safely without compromising breathing belt to hold his head, abdomen and legs, allowing the transport of fainted persons without risk of injury.


It has a lumbar and thoracic back totaling more than 57 cm, seat with flexible system for shock absorption and accommodation in a comfortable passenger.


The opening of the seat allows for a sit distancing abdomen legs to not disturb the passengers breathing, high handlebars providing greater ease of control during the descent the stairs to the carrier.